How Migraines Affect Your Life


Having a headache is never fun, but you can usually go on with life. Having a migraine headache is life-changing, and can often bring everything to a screeching halt for a day or more. Migraines Affect Your Life in 4 Stages Migraines affect your life in 4 stages: prodrome, aura, headache, and postdrome. 1. PRODROME: […]

Migraine – Equal Opportunity Pain


Migraine has been thought, for many years, to be a woman’s disease. Women got migraine when they were pregnant, or when they were stressed. Men rarely experienced migraine, according to the common belief. Now, however, it is becoming clear that men also may be prone to migraine. Online Survey Results A recent online survey conducted […]

Painkiller Induced Migraine


You have chronic migraine headaches. You can’t remember when they became chronic. You used to have simple headaches. Then they became more intense and frequent. Finally, you realized you were having migraine headaches often. That’s when your physician began calling it chronic migraine. You can’t remember the date, however. All you know is that you […]

Migraine or Non-Migraine


You are going about your regular, daily activities, when suddenly a headache strikes. Is it a migraine headache or a non-migraine headache? Is there any way to distinguish a migraine headache from other headaches? Some believe a migraine headache is always preceded by aura. They define aura as visual disturbances, especially zig-zag lines and flashes […]

Ocular Migraine Symptoms


Migraine headache is best defined, to many people, as an especially huge beast of a headache. They fail to realize that migraine comes in various forms. For the most part, few of us have heard of an ocular migraine. Ocular migraine manifests itself almost entirely through the visual disturbances of an aura. The migraineur may […]