Migraine – Equal Opportunity Pain


Migraine has been thought, for many years, to be a woman’s disease. Women got migraine when they were pregnant, or when they were stressed. Men rarely experienced migraine, according to the common belief.

Now, however, it is becoming clear that men also may be prone to migraine.

Online Survey Results

A recent online survey conducted by the National Headache Foundation (NHF) resulted in a finding that men who were diagnosed with headache of some kind were most often diagnosed with migraine headache. In the United States alone, it is estimated, about 7.5 million men experience migraine headaches.

Soldiering On

As those who have experienced migraine will attest, migraine headaches can be debilitating. Despite that fact, men tend to take the silent approach when it comes to migraine. They don’t want to talk about it. Executive director of the NHF, Susan Simons, says:

“Unfortunately, many men who are suffering from migraine are not discussing their condition with their health care providers. It is important that men take the time to talk about their headaches so they receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.”

The online survey discovered that almost one third of all men who suffer from headaches never mention them to their physicians. Those who responded that they did not visit a healthcare provider about headaches made up a full twenty-four percent of those taking the survey. Men believed they should “soldier on” and that it would be a sign of weakness to talk to a doctor about their headaches. Even when the headache was migraine, men thought it was not something important enough to require physician’s care.

In the Genes

More than half of the men (55%) who reported that they had headaches had a family history of headaches. Whether they were migraine or not was not always known. A little over half said their mothers had headaches.

“It is important for people who suffer from headaches – both men and women – to visit their health care providers and discuss their headaches,” said Dr. Roger Cady, vice president and board member of the NHF. “Headaches can be treated and managed, so there is no need for men to tough them out.

6% Migraine of Men

It is said that about six percent of men will report experiencing a migraine in their lifetimes. That is compared to seventeen percent of women.

Finding Relief

Migraine can be relieved. Men (and women) need not soldier on in pain. Start by determining what causes your migraine. You don’t need a fancy journal, but jot down everything you remember about what was happening just before your headache. Include triggers such as food you ate, stress, environmental changes, etc. You will probably find that your migraines are produced by more than one trigger. Having identified them, you can take steps to avoid those triggers.

In addition, be sure you get sufficient sleep and exercise, and eat regularly to get migraine relief.

CAUTION: On rare occasions migraine is associated with other, more serious problems. Please consult your physician about your migraine headaches.


  1. edosaigbe@yahoo.com' says

    I think that the most effective and safest for m of treating migraine is through massage. It is devoid of drugs and any side effects.

  2. woods@maxhealthteam.com' says


    My name is Jessica and I’ve suffered from migraines for over 20 years. I would see pink spots, go blind in one eye, even pass out from the pain. Those who suffer know what I’m talking about. I’ve tried all kinds of medications, including Imitrex, Topomax, etc. But they never really worked. I’m happy to report that I’ve found and All Natural Remedy and NOW I’m Migraine FREE!! I know, imagine life without migraines. I’d love to share my story and information in order to help others live like me…Migraine Free!! Stop living in pain and in a dark room…Instead spend more time with your family!
    Please come visit me at http://www.pulse4theheart.com
    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    Talk to you soon,

  3. umpieumkn3@yahoo.com'Betty Mayes says

    I thought I’d pass on this newly found relief for migraine. I have taken topamax, zomig, enderal, relpax, emitrix, etc. I read an article about 100 mg of vitamin B-2 per day. I normally have at least 2 migraines per week. I started taking the b2 (riboflavin) 10 days ago and have yet to have the first sign of a migraine. Please….at least give it a try. The prescriptions are so expensive and I’ve always been worried about what they might be doing to my heart and other organs.

  4. meredith.trudel@gmail.com'Golwan says

    Most migraine sufferers are deficient in magnesium. Adults need about 400 mg/day of magnesium. If you can’t get that thru diet, then add supplements. Just remember to make sure you’re getting enough calcium (500-800 mg). Also, you need B vitamins and D to help the absorption. Medical studies support this, but docs don’t really talk about it. It’s also a good anti-cancer diet as well, so two birds with one stone. It has worked for me.
    Good luck.
    Easy way to start boosting your magnesium is to have shreddies with milk before bed. And a handful of peanuts as a snack during the day. Spinach and swiss chard are also good.

  5. Dr.Quigley@hotmail.com' says

    I am a chiropractor in Reno, NV and I treat patients with headaches (including migraines) on a daily basis. I have treated men with migraines, but it is more common for men to experience what is called a Cluster Headache. This type of headache can mimic a migraine, but it is different than a migraine. It is important to get evaluated by your M.D. or chiropractor if you are getting recurring headaches to rule out more serious causes like infection or tumors.
    Chiropractors take a natural approach to relieving headaches. A thorough spinal evaluation often times reveals spinal misalignments that cause tension under the base of the skull, which can lead to headaches. Most chiropractors offer nutritional advice such as supplementation that can also be very beneficial toward eliminating headaches/migraines.

  6. chivehill@aol.com'Al Watson says

    Have theory: Migraine starts with a liver enzyme: Tryptophan oxygenase (EC1.13.1.12.,L-tryptophan:oxygen oxydoreductase)Hypothesis evolved out of persuit of entirely different problem. Anyone have an idea how I can get my theory “out there?” Wish someeone would take this theory as his own, and go with it. I am not a migraineur and really feel for the people who cope with this disability.
    A. W.

  7. Dr.Quigley@hotmail.com' says

    I have posted on this blog in the past and just wanted to add that I have probably helped 20-30 patients suffering from migraines since my last post in November of 2009. I am constantly amazed by how many patients with migraines have associated spinal misalignments in their upper cervical spine (neck). There is no amount of medication that is going to fix a mis-aligned vertebrae. If you suffer from migraines do yourself a favor and consult your local chiropractor. I provide my patients with a blend of magnesium, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and feverfew (herbal remedy) supplementation to correct any nutritional deficiencies along with their adjustments and I have been getting miraculous results for my patients. Hope this helps.

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